What I'm working on right now

A bit of satire. (Oh what a dirty little pleasure it is to publish on Medium.) An essay about my religious upbringing. An essay about the DMZ and my Korean heritage. Short story exercises that I can’t quite call short stories yet. Since it’s winter, I’m going through a heavy reading period, finishing about three books a week. Although I really like that my website is organized in a non-linear fashion – more like a journal, or a conversation, as opposed to a CV of bylines and awards – I’m thinking of an upgrade to this website in the new year that incorporates a CV and short bio page. I’ll be killing off two of my blogs, as they’ve served their purpose – they helped me become a professional health writer (my day job) and a book reviewer. The Strong Women Project is still going strong and stronger – though it will merit its own website at some point, I look forward to sharing more results with you here.